Why choose a Personal Training Plan?

Everyone is UNIQUE, the training is adapted to your needs

You have an unexpected event at work, at home ...

Being a coach by profession, benevolence is at every level.

A word from the Coach

The approach

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Why do you come to me?

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What are your expectations?

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What PerfAttitude offers

How is the training organized?

The training is centralized on a dedicated platform called “Training Peaks”. Your workouts come directly from your watch (Garmin, Polar, Suunto …), your sensor (Garmin, Wahoo …) and your various tools (Power Sensor Bike, Power Sensor CAP …). Your training plans arrive directly with the zones adapted to your level (Heart rate, Pace, Power …) At the beginning of each cycle or during a big progression or during a long stop (ex: illness) I program a TEST in each discipline to make sure that you train in the zones that suit you at the moment. Thanks to my collaboration with INSCYD, I can also propose more advanced tests (like a LABO) You can directly download your training plans on your watch, your meters, Zwift …

A word from the Coach

The watch

The watch (type GARMIN / POLAR ...) is mandatory to be able to analyze your training (Power, Speed, Pace ...)

For triathletes, two mandatory tools

The power sensor

The power sensor (Pedal, Pedals ...) to provide an accurate analysis (if I use only the heart rate, it is too inaccurate because there is a time between the moment you press the pedals and the moment your heart adapts!)

Home Trainer

A home trainer of the latest generation in order to do quality sessions in the warmth of your home (especially in winter)

Cardiac variability

For athletes looking to take on a big challenge, I always recommend taking a heart rate variability tool to make sure your nervous system is in good shape. This tool often allows me to start a discussion with the athlete who may be overworked or under stress at home … or just not able to keep up with the training load