The recovery is an integral part of training

Do you allocate enough time to Recovery?

Sleep is the best therapy

  • How well do you sleep?
  • But if the SLEEP is not good, in general no need to take drugs
    • What is your stress level?
    • What is the quality of your nutrition?
    • How good is your hydration?
    • Are you following your circadian rhythm?
    • Do you have a neurotransmitter deficit?



Cryo, Cold/Hot bath

Are you able to manage your nervous system with all the things you have to face during the day?

Breathing can be an effective way to help you

A word from the Coach

Who am I to advise you on all these points?

The spectrum is so vast that it would be highly pretentious to consider myself an expert in every field, but I am fortunate to have created an extraordinary network that allows me to quickly contact experts in a field.

"Heart Rate Variability is the best tool to monitor your recovery ability "