The Social / Human concept

Being of an empathetic nature naturally, my athletes often become friends because I like to create the relationship. Being a professional coach, I know how to ask questions to make you take a step back from certain situations while preserving the level of intimacy you desire (Professional Coaching has an ethical charter that clearly states that everything stays between the coach and the athlete!)

I maintain the relationship with the athlete

My accountant strongly encourages me to do 6 to 12 month packages...

I resist because I want the relationship to remain HEALTHY!

I want a WIN/WIN model or else we stop the collaboration

Be careful, I don't know how to sell a dream:

I could make a database with the famous “Frequently Asked Questions” but I love to ask the questions myself because very often the “real” question of the athlete arrives only after the 3rd or 4th question (simple experience of coach!)

A word from the Coach

I have already described it in the "Personalized training" module but I like to repeat it

"A happy athlete is an athlete who feels good about himself"